Welcome to Chronically Curly!


Allow me to introduce myself; I am Maeve and I have two officially diagnosed chronic illnesses, three more suspected chronic illnesses, I have amazing Curly hair, love fashion, adore all things beauty, am very serious about self-care, and I have two boys ages 1 and almost 4. I am 27 and I grew up in a very abusive home which in turn, I believe, caused at least one of my chronic illnesses; Fibromyalgia. I was officially diagnosed with Fibro 9 years ago, and it’s taken me at least 7 of those 9 years to really get a hold on how my body reacts and to understand my limits. One of the ways I manage pain and do self-care is through fashion and beauty (i.e. makeup, hair, skin care…). My hope with this blog is to give a little picture into the life of someone living with chronic illnesses, the mama to young kiddos, to give encouragement to those who also struggle with chronic illnesses, and share my favorite makeup/hair/fashion and self-care tips.