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Favorites for 1st Half of July – foody stuff and makeup

Hello Beauties,

Ugh, it’s been awhile again since I last posted. I realized yesterday that for the first time in about 6 1/2 months, I feel like I can finally take a breath and not worry that I’m heading in to another health crisis. I can definitely say that being in crisis mode and dealing with hyper-awareness physically hasn’t been good for adrenal fatigue and just over all stress levels.

My body is now in management mode, meaning I’m doing my best to listen to my body and let myself rest when I need to. I’ve added something to my supplements that I think is actually helping me wean off my anti-depressant. THAT IS NOT TO SAY I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD WEAN OFF THEIR ANTI-DEPRESSANTS! I have been on Zoloft for the past year and half, and I am actually feeling decent now. I’m curious to see if I can wean off of it, but trust me when I say if things start going downhill, I’m going right back to taking it. I guess this is testament to how much work I’ve done the past year. The fact that I feel stable enough to start decreasing my anti-depressant is HUGE.

But talking about depression and anxiety isn’t the reason for the post. I wanted to share some of the favorite things I’ve discovered AND eaten the past few weeks. I am still 100% on board with Keto WOE (way of eating) and in fact I am feeling better with my IBS and overall energy. I have found some of my go-to recipes and my new favorite drink. I used to do a glass of cold brew coffee every day with some dairy free creamer, but I don’t think my body responds very well to caffeine like that. So instead of coffee, I’ve switched to making my own version of Starbuck’s Pink Drink! And boy oh boy, is it yummy! Super easy to make, and I’ve honestly found that Torani Sugar-Free Vanilla syrup is actually really palatable. All I use in my drink is a cup or cup and a half of Tazo Passion Tea, a tablespoon or two of Heavy Whipping Cream, and a tablespoon or two of Vanilla syrup.

Honestly, I was a bit thrown off by using sugar substitutes with keto especially since I hate the after taste of almost every other sugar free substitute I’ve ever tried. Then I found out about Monk Fruit. Beauties, this stuff is amazing! It gives just enough sweetness without being overpowering, nor does it have any after taste. I really like Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener.

Highly recommend it if you just really need something sweet but don’t want to use sugar. Speaking of something sweet, this has been my go-to “snack” lately.

This is AMAZING. So creamy and delicious especially with the blueberries. It has a savory flavor that is still sweet and it’s really really yummy and super easy to make. I usually make three portions, give my hubby one, eat one for myself, and then have another one for the next day! I’ve tried doing different berries, including using cherries last week. I just made one with pureed strawberries too that was actually really yummy!

One of my favorite meals last week was making a big pot of this Keto Chicken Chili

OMG, so delicious, and I actually used canned chicken (all I had on hand) and canned jalapenos since I didn’t have any fresh. Even Phil liked this chili, and my little ones enjoyed it too!

Another favorite was this Meatball Casserole. I was so surprised the meatballs were so easy to make, and EVERYONE in the family loved it! I will say with the casserole though that it definitely tasted the best day of, still was okay for leftovers, but they didn’t taste quite as delicious.

I know kind of going backwards, but let’s talk breakfast really quick! I have actually been doing intermittent fasting most mornings now, I feel a lot better, I have less IBS flare ups on the days I do IF, and I have actually started feeling sick when I do eat breakfast at a normalish time. BUT, that’s besides the point. My oldest asked me for waffles the other day so I made Keto waffles with a base of coconut flour. I wasn’t sure if they would really turn out fluffy like the recipe said, but wow was I surprised! And my oldest? Yeah he ate at least 2 full waffles. Keep in mind, with the coconut flour, they are super filling, I could barely handle eating 1!!

Okay, so let’s move on from food to makeup! Yay! My favorite.

I’ve talked about before how I am trying to clean up my skin care and makeup. My skin care is, besides my facial cleanser, all non-toxic and/or organic now. My face is clearing up and I know now that when I do have breakouts its directly lining up with having a flare up of my endometriosis or hormones feel off. But one of the areas that has definitely been a lot harder to switch out has been my makeup. I discovered an all natural company called Silk Naturals. I was intrigued at first because they market their foundation as entirely customized….in other words, you can actually mix your powdered foundation to the exact shade you need! I’m really not a fan of powdered foundation so I hadn’t looked in to their website all that thoroughly. That is, until I realized that they carry stick foundations! Not only that, they have a cool toned section, a neutral toned section, and warm toned section! I ordered one of the cool toned sticks and wasn’t sure if I would really like the foundation. The ease of having foundation in a stick was really nice, but it wasn’t going on my skin very well. Once I used a more “slippery” primer, I have had really good luck with using the foundation stick! I can build it up for as much coverage as I need, or I can have just a thin coverage, more like a bb cream than foundation.

The other thing with my makeup I’ve been able to switch out is mascara. I got one mascara and wasn’t excited to try it, but was less than thrilled with it’s coverage on my lashes and with how thin the mascara itself was. Thankfully, the company worked with me and gave me a refund. Which I then turned around and spent on another mascara that was actually better rated. I am in love with this other mascara!

The brand is Naturally Rooted, and the formula is definitely thicker than the other mascara I got. It does require several swipes to get my lashes completely covered, but I get volume, and my eyes don’t itch, and so far, I haven’t noticed any flaking. Another plus? It comes off super easily with water when I wash my face at night! Definitely recommend this mascara for sure. Oh, and a price point of $14 for natural non-toxic mascara? I usually use mascara for about a year before replacing it (I know, I know, it’s supposed to only be 6 months or less) so $14 a year for mascara that’s good for my eyes and lashes, I’ll take.

alright, so that’s it for now. I’m hoping with feeling a bit better I will have more energy to kick out posts more often than once or twice a month! Thanks for bearing with me!

Foody Stuff

Favorite Keto Recipes

Hello Beauties!!

It is quite a contrast today from yesterday’s dismal weather. The sun is out and there isn’t a cloud in the bright blue sky. I feel…mostly okay today. Mostly okay usually meaning that that chronic fatigue continues to undermine everything I do about my day to day life. Oh, and big shout out to all of the new followers!! Thank you for subscribing and following along with my adventures here!

I was surprised to get so many new followers and likes on my post about Keto. Because of that, I want to take a little bit of space here in this post to talk about my favorite Keto recipes and go to’s for snacks and quick meals. Before I jump in, here’s the link to my Keto pinterest board!

Quick note about my Pinterest board – I have over 200 pins in that particular board, and some of them are not strictly Keto, some are just saved information that has been relevant to my food-thing.

Okay, first recipe! Due to no longer having a gallbladder, I find greasy foods difficult for my body to process at times. This means bacon first and foremost. Oddly enough eggs by themselves have been really messing with my stomach lately. A lot of articles about Keto rave about how you can eat bacon and eggs for breakfast! But, since I can’t eat bacon and eggs, and breakfast is hard on my body to start with, I had to come up with a different plan of attack for breakfasts. These breakfast sandwiches are very simple and consist of making Fat Head dough. I’ve actually started modifying them so have small pockets of cut up breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, and shredded cheese inside instead of just a sausage patty. Head over to How To This and That for the original recipe!

Keto Breakfast Bicuits


  • 2 ounces cream cheese
  • 2 cups mozzarella, shredded
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup almond flour
  • pinch salt & pepper
  • 2 ounces colby jack cheese, thin cubes (or your choice of cheese)
  • 6 breakfast sausage patties, pre-cooked


Preheat the oven to 400.

In a microwave safe bowl, add cream cheese and mozzarella. Microwave for 30 seconds at a time until cream cheese is very soft and mozzarella starts to melt. Mix well!  And by mix well I mean, stir stir stir!  You want this really combined. (Maeve’s Note: seriously, stir until your arm is about to fall off. You want the mozzarella and cream cheese combined really really well. You can also mix the almond flavor into the unmelted cheese before it goes into the microwave)

In a small separate bowl, combine beaten egg and almond flour.  Add cheese mixture and mix well, again, REALLY well.

Dough may be sticky, this is ok. Dust it with additional almond flour and form into a ball. Place on plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm.

Cut into sections to form 6  3″ balls, depending on the size of the sausage.

Flatten dough balls, place sausage on the dough, then cheese and wrap dough around.

Put the stuffed dough into a greased muffin tin. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden and set. Top with more mozzarella if desired.

Make more to have all week!  These freeze really well.  Remove from the freezer and microwave for about 1 minute. Instant breakfast.


And there you have it! I make 6-8 at a time and freeze them for easy breakfasts or even for other meals when I don’t feel like cooking anything. Something to keep in mind is the Fat Head dough is quite versatile. I actually used a slightly modified version of the dough the other night to make blueberry and cream cheese turnovers. I put a little bit of real sugar into the dough and some pumpkin pie seasoning. They turned out to be the best combination of slightly savory and just the right amount of sweetness!

One of the only two things I don’t care for with the Keto food-thing (my substitute for the word d i e t) is the use of artificial and sugar free sweeteners. I found this recipe calculator and it has been extremely useful for being able to see just how much real sugar I can use in a recipe and still stay low carb. Because let’s be honest, ‘kay?? Everyone has a bit of sweet tooth at times, so what’s the big deal with giving yourself a treat and letting yourself eat the things that taste good? The second thing I don’t like about Keto is the lack of variety when it comes to fruits. That’s the one area that I fudge a lot because I crave fresh fruits especially as the weather turns warmer.

Another recipe I am using a lot is a modified version of this Broccoli and Chicken casserole.

It reminds me of Chicken Divan and I actually found an organic mayonnaise that was mixed with curry and it tastes just like the sauce for Chicken Divan! This is the epitome of my favorite comfort foods. Got visit The Harvest Skillet for the original recipe!

Cheddar Broccoli Chicken



  1. Preheat oven to 400F and oil a 9 x 13 baking dish.
  2. Begin by making cauliflower rice. Chop half of a head of cauliflower into florets and place them in a blender or food processor. Process until pieces resemble grains of rice. Place cauliflower rice into a large bowl.
  3. Chop broccoli into florets and add to bowl.
  4. Mix in garlic powder, melted butter, 1 cup cheese, sour cream, cooked chicken, salt and pepper and mix to combine.
  5. Place ingredients from bowl into baking dish and top with remaining cup of cheese.
  6. Bake covered for 25 minutes, or until broccoli is tender. Remove foil and bake for an additional 5-10 minutes, or until the cheese is crispy enough for your liking.
I typically just eat the broccoli and chicken with melted cheddar cheese, but adding the cauliflower rice is a tasty addition! Speaking of cauliflower, I made these Three Ingredient Cheesy Cauliflower Breadsticks the other night and they were so delicious! Visit Posh in Progress for original recipe! I modified it by ricing my own cauliflower and then cooking the riced cauliflower in the microwave for 5 minutes before squeezing out all of the moisture from it before making the “dough.”

Well those are the three recipes I’ve been doing on repeating lately. Oh, another recipe that we’ve actually been eating a lot of consistently are almond meal baked chicken wings. Phil’s been making those almost every weekend and they are so yummy! With the almond meal instead of flour, the wings have an almost corn meal kind of texture.